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Statement of Intent

To be a mutual-aid association whose members collaborate, sharing knowledge and experience, to define and manage initial emergency response procedures for incidents occurring in Great Britain during transportation of members' radiological materials.


What is RADSAFE?

RADSAFE is a private company limited by guarantee that offers mutual assistance in the event of a transport accident involving radioactive materials belonging to a RADSAFE member.

What is not covered by RADSAFE?

RADSAFE does not cover the movement of nuclear weapons or transport of radioactive materials made by non-members.

How can I contact RADSAFE?

In the event of an accident then RADSAFE can be contacted on 0800 834 153. If you have any questions about how RADSAFE operates then email us at

How can I obtain training on RADSAFE?

View our training page .

What happens when I phone 0800 834 153 in the event of an radiation transport accident?

When a call is made to the RADSAFE number the phone is answered by the NCEC Command and Control Centre (CCC). They contact the nearest responding site to provide assistance to the emergency services. The CCC also fax generic radiological protection advice to the emergency services. The responding site will dispatch a small team of trained professionals to provide radiological assistance to the emergency services at the scene of the accident. The responders will be in contact with the consigning organisation to obtain specific information on the packages being transported. It is the consignor who is responsible for the clean up for any waste that might arise as a result of the accident.

What is the difference between RADSAFE and NAIR?

NAIR is a long stop voluntary emergency response where there is no plan or a plan fails. NAIR cannot be designated as a formal emergency plan. RADSAFE provides a formal response in support of the members emergency response plans.

About NAIR

Can RADSAFE advise me on the consequences of a terrorist attack?

RADSAFE has been established to provide a response to a conventional accident when a vehicle (road or rail) may be involved in an accident. Consideration of the effects of terrorist attacks are beyond the remit of RADSAFE.

For more information you may wish to consult the UK Resilience website,

Phone for enquiries
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