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Statement of Intent

To be a mutual-aid association whose members collaborate, sharing knowledge and experience, to define and manage initial emergency response procedures for incidents occurring in Great Britain during transportation of members' radiological materials.

RADSAFE Glossary

Consignment Owner

The organisation that owns the package and has arranged for the transport, this may be carried out by a separate organisation. The consignment owner is responsible for any clean up actions and providing media response to company issues.


Command and Control Centre


Centre for Radiation, Chemical and Environmental Hazards

Level 1 response

Notification and communication service, provision of generic advice provided by CCC

Level 2 response

Provision of radiological advice and support at the incident scene by level 2 responding site

Level 3 response

Consignment owner response and clean up.


National Chemical Emergency Centre


Often applied to the Level 2 responder, they are suitably experienced and qualified persons who are members of RADSAFE. They assess the radiological implications of the accident and provide advice. The responders team would also include monitoring capability.

Phone for enquiries
09:00hrs - 17:00hrs
Monday to Friday
07821 548987
(this is not the emergency line)