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Statement of Intent

To be a mutual-aid association whose members collaborate, sharing knowledge and experience, to define and manage initial emergency response procedures for incidents occurring in Great Britain during transportation of members' radiological materials.


RADSAFE is a private company limited by guarantee that offers mutual assistance in the event of a transport accident involving radioactive materials belonging to a RADSAFE member.

RADSAFE Awareness Training Course

The RADSAFE Awareness Training Course is intended for those professionals whose duties may encompass planning for, or responding to, transport radiation emergencies. The course is free of charge, including venue and refreshments. Any travel or subsistence associated with attending this course must be met by the trainee.

RADSAFE Awareness Training Course outline

  • Fundamentals of radiation protection
  • Instrumentation and monitoring
  • Overview of transport arrangements
  • RADSAFE arrangements
  • National Arrangements for Incidents involving Radioactivity (NAIR)
  • Desktop and practical exercises

RADSAFE Responders Training Course

The RADSAFE Responders Training Course is aimed specifically at those employees of RADSAFE organisations who act as RADSAFE Responders. 

Its aim is to provide an interactive learning situation to enhance RADSAFE Responders support to the emergency services during a RADSAFE incident.

Objectives of the RADSAFE Responder Training Course

  • To reinforce the understanding of RADSAFE
  • To expose the RADSAFE Responders to "incident" situations to improve their situational awareness
  • To provide an incident simulation to allow the RADSAFE Responders to practice their skills
  • To provide an understanding of an incident response structure
  • To assess their knowledge

Phone for enquiries
09:00hrs - 17:00hrs
Monday to Friday
07821 548987
(this is not the emergency line)